LEGO Flash Drives

LEGO Flash Drives
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This USB drive comes in a Lego design and holds up to 4 gigabytes of memory. This flash drive comes in the color green and can be attached to a key-chain. The drive is compliant with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0 specifications and is able to transfer 480 megabits a second, offering fast download and upload speeds. The Lego flash drive has the ability to retain information for up to 10 years and is compatible with both Mac and Window versions. The product got an exceptional rating of 3.5 stars, most of them being five star reviews.

According to one customer, the flash drive is made of a rubbery substance. Many have found it to be very satisfying. Four gigabytes of memory is more than enough for the average person. The Lego design itself is appropriate for people of all ages. The device works by simply plugging it into any USB port inside a laptop. The green Lego drive is even smaller than the average USB drive. One customer review even said that it was a lot smaller than what they expected it to be. Four gigabytes of information is quite a feat for such a small USB flash drive.

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