Ryu Money Box

Ryu Money Box
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There is no doubt that Street Fighter and all the games that they have made over the years have been one of the most popular video game series of all time. The first games originally came out as arcade games in the late eighties, and they have been going strong ever since, bringing a deep fan base with them as they have continued to develop better and better games. Although there are various other characters in the game, Ryu is the first character to appear, who is a martial artist that the player takes control of when they are playing, and you can now get your very own Ryu money box, to store all of your cash and coins. Now, you can bring Ryu and the Street Fighter games right into your home, while hopefully putting away money in savings as well, by getting your hands on and purchasing the Street Fighter money box.

The money box sticks to their original roots, as the graphics are not highly developed like the games that are being churned out these days feature. Rather the graphics are more like the old games that came out in 1987, with incredibly poor visibility, but a ton of classic appeal. Everyone remembers being a little kid and saving up all of your spare change in a money jar, and now you can get back to those old times and memories by getting yourself your very own Ryu money jar. It is basically like any regular money jar, although it is in the shape of the character Ryu, and has graphics on the front of it. You drop money into the slot that is located on the top of the money jar and it goes into a reservoir that you can eventually draw from if you really need some cash, or if you have hit the goal you have been saving up for. The money box fits perfectly on any clothing dresser or night stand and sits at eleven centimeters tall and hands down is a great way that you can save your every day pocket change, rather than just throwing it all on to the table each and every time you get back home.

If you are a true fan of the classic Street Fighter games, you should definitely check out this money box and get one for yourself. These can make great gifts as well for anyone who is into video games or simply wants to get a reminder in the form of a blast from the past, back to the late eighties and early nineties, when Street Fighter was one of the hottest games in the video arcade. Most kids growing up spent a great deal of time throwing quarters down the various games in the arcade and with this money box, instead of throwing your quarters away, you can put them into your nifty bank account and maybe add up enough money to go out and buy the next new Street Fighter game!

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