Spaceship Cookie Cutters

Spaceship Cookie Cutters
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If you are looking to have a bit of fun with your next batch of cookies, look no further than the SUCK UK 3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters. These cutters are designed to help you design all sorts of new shapes with your cookies. So, instead of having just the basic round, flat cookies or even something cut out in the shape of a tree or boy, you can now piece it all together in order to really have a great and fun spaceship.

Now, with the SUCK UK 3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters, it is necessary to actually piece some of the cookies together. You are going to cut out different molds of some of the cookies with the provided shapes. This way, once each of the cookies has finished turning out, you can actually play with your food to build the spaceships. And people told you to never play with your food again. (hah!)

Each of the SUCK UK 3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters comes with different plastic cookie cutters in order to create an individual ship. Now, there are different packets to replicate different ships, depending on what you are looking for. There is the common rocket ship with the four winged tail and the curved to a point front that you probably saw in space movies from the 50s. Outside of this, you can go with the outline that looks like the space shuttle used more recently, and then there is more outlandish designs, one of which you might swear you saw in some of the Star Wars movies. Whatever pack you go with, you are sure to have a great time with the SUCK UK 3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters, so if you want to liven up your cookies and make sure you and your kids are playing and eating, these are great items.

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