A Tribute to Han Solo in Carbonite: 38 Stellar Products


A quick note about this project: I went to great lengths to find as many Han Solo in carbonite products as possible. Every online source that I could think of was searched. But still, this list is only semi-comprehensive.

You see, when I found similar items, I picked the item that I thought was somehow better instead of crowding this list with the same type of products. This method has hopefully made browsing more enjoyable.

However, I hope to see this list grow as the years go on with new varieties of Han Solo in carbonite products. Send me an email if you find something worthwhile that is not represented.

AND NOW, please enjoy viewing the product tributes created by various enterprising souls:

#1. Chocolate Truffle Bar

A Tribute to Han Solo in Carbonite: 38 Stellar Products 1

#2. Rug

A Tribute to Han Solo in Carbonite: 38 Stellar Products 2

#3. Leather Bound Notebook

Han Solo Leather Bound Notebook

#4. Zippo Lighter

Han Solo Zippo Lighter

#5. Beach Towel

Han solo beach towel

#6. Cuff Links

Han Solo Cuff Links

#7. Fake Pop-Tarts

Han Solo Pop-tart

#8. Glass Cutting Board

Han Solo Glass Cutting Board

#9. Mini Fridge

A Tribute to Han Solo in Carbonite: 38 Stellar Products 3

#10. Crayons

Han Solo Crayons

#11. Door Sticker

han solo door sticker

#12. Diamond Ring

Han Solo Diamond Ring

#13. Scarf

Han Solo Scarf

#14. Stamp

Han Solo Stamp

#15. Baby Leg Warmers

Han Solo Baby Leg Warmers

#16. Fridge Magnets

Han Solo Fridge Magnets

#17. Business Card Holder

Han Solo Business Card Holder

#18. Life-Size Replica

Han Solo Life-Size Replica

#19. Bar of Soap

Han Solo Soap Bar

#20. Coin Bank

Han Solo In Carbonite Bank

#21. Hair Bow

Han Solo Hair Bow

#22. Flask

Han Solo Flask

#23. Suncatcher

Han Solo Sun Catcher

#24. Phone Case

Han Solo Phone Case

#25. Glass Table

Han Solo Glass Table

#26. Beaded Bracelet

Han Solo Beaded Bracelet

#27. Shower Curtain

Han Solo Shower Curtain

#28. Bottle Opener

Han Solo Bottle Opener

#29. Cheap Ring

Han Solo Cheap Ring

#30. Metallic Paint Wood Box

Han Solo Wood Box

#31. Backpack

Han Solo Backpack

#32. 3D Wax Art

Han Solo 3D Wax Art

#33. Mug

Han Solo Mug

#34. Dog Toy

Han Solo Dog Toy

#35. Diamond Pendant

Han Solo Pendant

#36. Phone Stand

Phone Stand

#37. Spiral Notebook

Han Solo Spiral Notebook

#38. Duvet Cover

Han Solo Duvet Cover


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