Han Solo Carbonite Fridge

$271.99 on Amazon
Star Wars fans across the world are united in one thing: excitement for the upcoming release. That means that Star Wars merchandise is flying off the shelves faster than it has in years as fans get their geek on and set out to display their fandom to everyone in their lives. For the Star Wars fan who thinks they've got it all, however, there are still products left unexplored. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, someone decided it would be a great idea to bring "frozen in carbonite" Han Solo straight into your kitchen. You've seen the full-size refrigerators, but did you know that there's a Han Solo Carbonite Fridge that's perfectly sized for all your mini-fridge needs?

The Han Solo Carbonite Fridge holds up to eighteen cans of soda, making it the perfect size to stash under your desk, tuck in a college dorm room, or add to the movie room so that you don't have to trek all the way to the kitchen when you want a cold one. On the go? The fridge even comes with a handle that makes it fully portable and easy to take with you on even the longest journey through hyperspace. Even better, the fridge isn't just for keeping your sodas cold. If you need it to warm things up, instead, just spin the handy dial and watch your fridge transform into a mini heater.it even comes with a 12V DC power cord power cord that can be used aboard the vessel of your choice--even if it happens to be a car. Worried that bouncing through an asteroid field might cause the contents of your fridge to spill? Worry no more! The Han Solo Carbonite Fridge includes a locking door feature that will keep your fridge closed throughout even the bumpiest of rides.

If you're fascinated by Han's appearance as he's frozen in carbonite, this is certainly the product for you. The Han Solo Carbonite Fridge has LED lights that glow red, giving the appearance that Han is slowly melting out of his carbonite prison. Unfortunately, it's just an image; no matter how long you leave the lights on, Han Solo isn't going to step into your home. Be wary, however, of bounty hunters who come bringing Wookies. You never know when one of them will try to free a trapped friend.

The Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, so you're getting a quality replica that actually looks like Harrison Ford, not like a random Ken doll that someone chose to shove into a mold. It comes with two removable shelves and plenty of storage space for all your snack storage needs. No matter what planet you're headed to next, the Han Solo Carbonite Fridge is the perfect way to transport all your food. *Note: the Han Solo Carbonite Fridge is unfortunately not compatible with Earth's power supply outside of America. The makers apologize for any inconvenience this might cause for individuals from this particular planet.