Feet Warming & Pad Holding Sleeping Bag

Feet Warming & Pad Holding Sleeping Bag
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We've all been there before. You're camping in a beautiful forest. The campfire fades and it's time to go to bed. You crawl into your sleeping bag, and everything's right with the world...except for one thing. Your feet are FREEZING! There you are in your fancy 0 degree sleeping bag that you paid top dollar for, and yet you absolutely CANNOT warm up those darn tootsies!

Introducing the Yak Sak Sleeping Bag by Hobo Hammocks. Weighing in at just under 3 lbs, this bag really packs a punch! It's rated for 20 degree camping, but I've used it in Tahoe on a 5 degree night, and I stayed roasty toasty! Plus, it comes with an included sleeping pad, which is going to stay directly underneath you thanks to the envelope sleeve attached to the backside of the Yak Sak.


Fleece liner at the base means no more cold feet! Envelope sleeve on back means your pad stays where it should. Directly underneath your peaceful, resting body! You can buy the Yak Pad together with the Yak Sak to ensure perfect compatibility!


Yak Sak
Synthetic down blend
20 degree rating (tested down to 5 degrees)
7 ft sleeping bag
Weighs under 3 lbs
Fleece liner around feet
Envelope sleeve on back

Yak Pad
Weighs just 1 lb
22" at the shoulders
14" at the ankles
Self Inflating Foam
Valve for easy inflation/deflation

Our Promise

We believe that when you buy something, you should be able to rely on it. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty with every sleeping bag we sell. No matter what happens to your Yak Sak or Yak Pad, we'll replace it for you for free, no questions asked! ... Ok, we may ask what happened to it, just cuz we like hearing good stories!

Our Cause

Not only are we here to provide you with some sick camping gear, we're also working with the homeless! There are thousands of people sleeping out on the streets every night and literally freezing to death. We've teamed up with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake to donate meals and gear to the homeless with every product we sell. This organization runs a program to help the homeless get off the streets, find jobs, and ultimately rent apartments to escape homelessness! So when you purchase gear from us, you can rest assured knowing that you're making a pretty sick contribution to some people who really need it!

So say goodbye to cold feet. Buy your Yak Sak today, and help some great people along the way!