Produce Covers

Produce Covers
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A juicy burger is beckoning you. You slice a couple of slices off a tomato, then another off an onion. There's still a lot of each left. You groan inwardly as you reach for the roll of plastic wrap. As usual, you tear a piece off haphazardly and ball it up around the tomato, then do the same for the onion and put both in the fridge. Carrying your burger to the table, you mentally picture your plastic wads unwinding just enough to let air in to dry both foods out overnight. Then all that's left is to throw them out, along with the plastic wrap, which you know is made of that nonrenewable commodity, oil.

"Somebody ought to invent something better, something reusable," you think. Guess what? Somebody did!

Farberware's innovative silicone food huggers save the plastic wrap for bigger jobs while keeping your leftovers fresh! These ingenious rings of food-grade, phthalate and BPA free silicone, lock freshness into the food you store. Choose the closest size and press the cut produce onto it or press the ring onto your bowl, can, or jar. The silicone will close snugly onto the item, locking juices in and air out for maximum freshness.

Do you want to freeze your leftovers? Do you need to reheat them in the microwave? Food huggers are safe to use in both microwave and freezer. When they're dirty, toss them in the dishwasher so they'll be ready the next time you need them. A set of four of these useful little food covers includes diameters of 1-3/4, 2-1/4, 2-1/2 and 3 inches, just the right sizes to take care of those small round foods as well as cans and bowls.

This product is for people in all walks of life who want to save money, time, and the environment. You won't be throwing out hard-earned cash in the form of dried-out foods or large pieces of plastic wrap. Using a food hugger is so quick and simple that your burger won't have time to get cold while you store your food, either. Just grab it out of your drawer, slip it on, and you're eating in a jiffy! Food huggers are reusable indefinitely, so they're good for conservation. A side benefit is a neat-looking refrigerator with no half-tipped bowls teetering on crumpled plastic wrap as well as tomato, onion, or orange halves you can actually identify to use.

Picture your refrigerator with a nice bowl of leftover guacamole, that half-empty can of nacho sauce, the other half of the lemon you didn't need for the recipe, and a lovely red tomato half, all preserved with your silicone food huggers. Picture your plastic wrap sitting unused in its box on the shelf. Keep some on hand to wrap as a small gift for friends' birthdays, weddings, housewarming presents, and even as baby gifts to keep half-eaten cans of baby food fresh. Wait...all your food huggers are already in use. You may want to pick up some more for yourself while you're at it!