Game of Thrones Pop-up Guide

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Game of Thrones is a majestic show with complex and rich story telling. I am engaged and will watch the shows repeatedly. At the beginning of each show, there is an introduction that is an animated description of the places where the particular show takes place. For each show, there is a different visual introduction of the sites that stimulate the imagination.

It is this amazing and fantastic description of places far away in time and space that Michael Komarck and Matthew Christian Reinhart illustrate in their Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros. Michael Komach creates the illustrations with detailed artistic models and Matthew Christian Reinhart designs the pop-ups. It is a magnificent feat in both engineering and artistic expression.

In the pop-up book, there are a total of five featured sets. These sets unfold to express stunning views of the areas as well as a map of Westeros. The engineering is spectacular as each detail of the story and set unfold into a three dimensional sculptural paper cut of a scene. The scenes are accurate to the iconic and intricate fantasy story. The pop-up book provide facts and information about the history of the Seven Kingdoms. The story has human characters with depth and dimension, and fantasy figures such as giants, direwolves, White Walker and dragons just to name a few of the more exotic characters.

The sets for each show change and it can be difficult to understand, remember and comprehend. I watch each introduction to the show and try to follow the story line. The pop-up sets helped me to figure out the places for the each shows and then connect the characters of the show to the places where the show takes place. The book is filled with detailed information that help me realize and anticipate what will take place during the show. The pop-ups are artistically enriching and spectacular as sculptures in paper.