LED Dice

LED Dice
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Are you tired of playing games in the dark? Do you strain your eyes to see the number you've rolled? These LED dice will solve the problem in a flash! Sold in packs of a dozen, these novelty items will light up your evenings and entertain your friends. You can play virtually any classic game, ranging from a simple version of the German-based Bouncer with only one die to a busy round of Ten Thousand in which each player rolls six dice at once. You will never be bored again!

This collection of LED dice glows intermittently, with each cube flashing the vibrant colors of the rainbow in a random but rhythmic manner. Each package includes the necessary batteries that will make your new dice light up the night. If your get-together is an ordinary game night, your guests will never stop talking about these amusing, unique playing pieces. If it's your turn to throw a themed party, these oddities can spark a plethora of creative ideas so that your bash will be remembered for years to come!

The various hues coincide with your holiday decor, whether you need red and green for a December event, pinks and blues for your Easter festivities, or a green and purple mixture for Mardi Gras. Regardless of the occasion, these blinking LED dice will be a hit!

The set has an assorted conglomeration of color schemes. It serves as an ideal party favor or Christmas stocking stuffer. Coupled with a box of chips, this product is the perfect gift for your friend or relative who has everything. All twelve flashing LED dice can be yours for a reasonable price. Better yet, why not buy them in bulk and distribute them on Halloween to trick-or-treaters? They're small, fun, and they won't rot your teeth!