Castle Cake Pan

Castle Cake Pan
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This is a wonderfully fun and exciting style of cake pan. I was immediately charmed by the design and decided I had to have it. If you enjoy baking and making confections this is a must have pan for your collection. Perfect for children or adults who like to have fun with their culinary designs. Anyone can bake a cake, but not everyone can build a castle cake!

With this pan you can create something that not only tastes delicious, but looks amazing to present to friends and family. This pan a certain eye catching design to it, reminiscent of building sand castles at the beach. You can let your imagination run wild while creating a dessert that will absolutely 'wow' your audience. No one will believe that you made this cake yourself, and it isn't store bought.

There are so many ideas you could use to create a unique pastry masterpiece perfect for any birthday or holiday. It is so cool because it is so versatile and can be used for plenty of occasions, or even given as a gift if you are not the pastry chef in the family! This pan can be used to make a spooky Halloween castle cake, complete with fluffy marshmallow ghosts and ghouls, and little candy skulls! During Christmas time you could make a castle similar to a gingerbread house. The battlements adorned with candy canes, gumdrops, and swirled peppermints! You can even make a classic sand castle cake, complete brown sugar sand, sugar pearls, and an ocean wave of blue icing. The possibilities are endless with this great cake pan.

I have had so much fun baking all kinds of castle cakes with my little ones, it has to be their favorite dessert to help create. For the boys birthdays, I usually create a classic battle castle, with flags and medieval action figures fighting across the battlements, its a great hit. I'm always asked by the other parents to make one for their child's upcoming birthday! For the girls it is even better, with all the Disney characters there are so many possibilities. She will feel like a princess seeing her very own pink strawberry castle cake.

When using this pan make sure to coat it very well in a non stick spray or some kind of oil. This ensures that your castle cake will come out all in one piece. Make sure that your cake batter has a smooth, equal consistency. If your batter contains bubbles it will flaw the design and your castle may not come out correctly.

After cooking you should allow your cake to cool before removing the pan. If you follow these directions your castle cake should come out flawless every time. After baking comes the real fun, decoration! My favorite morsels to top the castle cake with are sugar pearls, multiple colors of icing using a piping bag, different shapes of sugar cookies, and chocolate chips. You will have so much fun with the castle cake pan!