Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl. Shovel and Pitchfork Servers.

Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl. Shovel and Pitchfork Servers.
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Grab your garden's greens
and cart them all away,
it's time to make a salad
from the labors of the day.

Shovel up some spinach
and arrange it very nice,
and hopefully your guests will dig
these crisp and crunchy bites.

My dear wife has gotten me eating a lot of vegetables lately. A lot. Sure, I have gotten into better shape. Sure, I feel more energy. Sure, I feel better about myself and my diet. But man, I feel like a rabbit. Sometimes, I feel like I am eating weeds.

You should eat your vegetables. You really should. Your heart wants the nutrients from things that grow in the ground. So, do it. Eat greens!

This wheelbarrow salad bowl is pretty fun. It comes with a shovel and a pitchfork. It is made from wood and metal. It looks like the wooden wheel works on the wheelbarrow. I'm not sure. But, I think it does.