Penguin Paper Clips

Penguin Paper Clips
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Paper clips are some of the most unassuming and tiny objects that make modern office life a little easier. The paper clip is a universal invention that maximizes both form and function. Thin strands of pliable metal, bent into recognizable shapes, are responsible, in many ways, for most of the modern world's technical accomplishments.

The only appropriate evolution of a tool like the humble paper clip, is a fashionable upgrade. Midori products are gaining international recognition for improving the aesthetics of everyday office tools. This company takes a highly useful office item, and turns it into a way to express personality and fun!

Each set of Midori Penguin paper clips is stored in a convenient slider pack. This container fits into any office desk corner, but has an easy-access slider design. The penguin paper clips are non-coated and similar in size to standard paper clips. The difference is the penguin shape which is unmistakably comic and fun. Yes, it is acceptable to have fun in the office as long as the job is completed!

Penguin paper clips are a popular design of the Midori D-Clips series. These clips are appropriate for binding small collections of paper sheets. Upon closer examination of penguin paper clips, the user will discover that the wire penguin body is a sturdy backing for paper sheets, and the wings are the supportive β€œclip.”

Penguin paper clips are absolutely essential for the office worker wanting to put an identifiable, individual mark on all projects. Instead of reaching for a boring standard paper clip, a Midori Penguin clip can be used instead.

It is also assumed that designer paper clips are not as strong as standard models. The Midori Penguin paper clip pack only contains penguin clips made from grade steel. The sturdy, strong penguin clips can be used over and over without loosing collation ability.