Doctor Who Cutlery

Doctor Who Cutlery
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You might not need sound waves to unlock the secret recipe of the food you are eating or to cut apart a particularly tough piece of meat, but, if you are a Doctor Who fan you do need Doctor Who cutlery. The sonic screwdriver inspired utensils can be used for everyday use or to add to your collection of memorabilia.

Doctor who originated in 1963 but the infamous and ever changing sonic screwdriver didn't appear until 1968 in the "Fury from the Deep" episode. Originally it was a simple looking device that could do all kinds of amazing things. The handles on these utensils fortunately weren't inspired by the original plain metal gadget; instead, they are inspired by the one used in the episode "The Eleventh Hour" that aired in 2010, which is more colorful and interesting. The fork, knife, and spoon don't have the ability to scan, open locks, or remotely control the television but they are still a fun addition to any dinner table setting.

These are not toys, even if you are the type to pretend to use it to operate your own computer or one belonging to an alien, so they will last longer than a cheaply made toy. You will find that the Doctor Who series inspired handles are made of durable plastic that is securely attached to the metal bases. The pieces are about 8.5 inches long, which makes them very functional to eat with if you don't want to just display them on the shelf with other kitchen items inspired by the series. They are dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean up after playing ...I mean eating, with them.

For more realistic play at the dinner table, a matching sonic screwdriver replica would be necessary because the handles do not have any moving parts. This is probably a good thing because many would be tempted to turn them around and eat with the handles. The advantage to that would be that the table would be entertained, like when someone gets the idea to eat an entire meal with chop sticks for the first time. Unfortunately, handles with moving parts would most likely push the Doctor Who cutlery out of the price range of most fans.

To eat with this tableware you will not need a TARDIS but it would be fun to have a 1960's phone booth replica on the table as part of the decor. If someone drops food from their fork they can always blame it on the TARDIS! No special skills or training are necessary to operate these sonic screwdriver utensils, but when you are more familiar with the series it will be a lot more fun to eat with them.

Everyone fan of this series doesn't need this utensil set but I am certain everyone wants one. It is just a matter of time before you will stop resisting and comply with purchasing a set because you know as an awesome fan of Doctor Who, you deserve it.