I Flunked Anger Management Mug

I Flunked Anger Management Mug
$10.99 on Amazon
We all enjoy comic relief, especially if those being targeted by the prankster in question requires a special approach to understand he or she may have err, well... a problem. If you're thinking of a potentially passive-aggressive way of turning a birthday gift into a very particular message to that loved one that just won't calm down, Big Mouth Toys' I Flunked Anger Management Mug could be just what the doctor prescribed.

The design gives the user the idea that something very bad happened just before he or she decided to enjoy a hot beverage. For those friends who have a hard time dealing with all the rage that stems from their drinking habit, this mug could also be a funny way to call their attention to something that could end up turning into a problem!

If comic relief is what you need to reach that someone with a slight anger management problem, this could be the perfect way to break the ice, but if just having fun at a friend's expense is what you're after, this mug could also be the perfect gift.

Whether this mug is used as a prank or as an item dedicated to making your working environment more fun, the Anger Management mug is what I call a first-rate choice.

Regardless of what the incentives are behind this purchase, Big Mouth Toys products always exceed everybody's expectations, helping people all over the world to make gift giving a particularly fun experience.