Batman Logo Mirror

Batman Logo Mirror
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Many years ago, in Gotham, a young boy lost his parents to a thief outside a theater. In his grief, he vowed to protect his city and prevent others from suffering his way. In addition to his physical training, he put his quick mind to work, developing a vast array of items that would help him in his quest to save Gotham. There's a Bat-everything: a Batmobile, a Batcave, even Bat shark spray. Now, you can bring a tiny piece of Bat convenience into your home with a Batman Logo Mirror.

This mirror, which is 28" x 13", wouldn't be out of place hanging in the Batcave. After all, even Batman has to shave, brush his hair, and check to make sure that his uniform fits properly. He wouldn't want too much of his face to be revealed, lest someone figure out his secret identity. You might not have a secret identity to protect, but you can certainly use the extra time to check over your appearance and make sure that you're ready to go each day.

When you stand in front of your Bat Mirror, you'll feel just as cool as Bruce Wayne. Sure, you're no billionaire; but you can show off your excellent taste and luxuriate in the height of cool with a mirror that is designed to show off your geeky side for anyone who cares to look. Whether you're a fan of the comics or prefer the animated series or the movies, the Batman Logo Mirror is the perfect accessory for your bathroom, bedroom, or man cave.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Does the Batman Logo Mirror have any cool special effects? It's a Bat Tool, right?

A: Unfortunately, if you want special effects from your Bat Mirror, you're going to have to engineer them yourself. You could use the mirror to cover up a hole in the wall for hiding a weapon or some extra cash, place it over a button that will allow entrance to your secret lair, or even trigger it to have a reaction like shooting gas at anyone who examines it too closely, but all of those effects will be left to your imagination and your skills.

Q: Which version of the Batman logo is this mirror based off of?

A: The Batman Logo Mirror is based on the more recent versions of the bat symbol found in the iconic movies and games that have been released over the past few years.

Q: If this mirror is designed to be mounted to the wall, is there a way to do it without putting holes in the wall? I'm afraid too many holes will give away the entrance to my secret lair.

A: While the mirror is made of light materials, it's not recommended that you fix it to the wall with tape or glue. Instead, the included fixtures should be used to mount your mirror. It will put a couple of small holes in the wall in the process, but you're not actually going to move the mirror later, are you?

Q: When I look into the mirror, will I see myself as Batman?

A: No. When you look into the mirror, you will see your reflection, so it's highly unlikely that you'll see yourself as Batman. Unless, of course, you're Batman, in which case, any mirror will do for that purpose.