Stormtrooper Rug

Stormtrooper Rug
$69.90 on Amazon
If you are a sucker for Star Wars merchandise, then the stormtrooper rug is an item worth owning. It may not be a collectible due to mass production, but the care taken in its manufacture is indisputable.

It has a nylon top to cushion the soles of the feet and a latex back to prevent it from slipping out of place. This rug features the helmet of a stormtrooper and is 100% authentic.

What is a storm trooper? Well, they are only a member of the most loyal army in the history of wars-movie wars. The sight of their white armor drawing closer in the sand storm scenes of the Star Wars movies brought hope to victims of crime and thrilled the audience.

Advancement in the movie industry saw Star Wars develop from a concept to an award winning film. This science fiction movie helps paint a clear picture of how life would be in the future. With deep space exploration, adventures (classic good versus evil) and the co-existence of humans and extraterrestrial beings.

This motion picture won the hearts of many area fans and became a household name. However, of all the characters in it, the storm troopers were the most outstanding. Concisely, they were the principal ground forces enforcing the imperial rule of the Galactic Empire. This humble soldier followed orders, sometimes blindly leading to victory or scrap metal. Pink lovers, no they do not come in that color. These are soldiers, not salon equipment.

Even if you do not love the picture show, the rug may be an emblematic thing. It may be symbolic, showing you are in touch with your inner child (if you are into such stuff). How about a disciplined, humble and loyal theme, what better way to display this than with the use of a picture of a warrior. The rug could also serve as a reminder of your childhood toys, especially if your kids find you too serious.

However, if the above do not apply to you, imagine this, what would you rather have in your son’s room, a hello kitty mat, or a storm trooper rug?

If this flick never formed part of your viewer, do not worry. They are available in movie stores; have yourself a Star Wars marathon. You still have time to join the elite forces under Darth Vader.

Watching it will help decide what makes it so captivating. It may sound nerdy, but on the bright side, you will be part of a movement. Next time someone passes by with a ‘keep calm and kill Jade scum’ slogan t-shirt, stop them a picture with your Amazon purchased storm trooper rug. You deserve those bragging rights.

To all nerds and geeks of all ages, this is more than a nylon rug. Get it while supplies last.