100 Dollar Bills Toilet Paper

$33.48 on Amazon
Imagine the surprise your guests will experience when they get the opportunity to wipe their booty with a 100 dollar bill. This toilet paper is so realistic that even your oldest guest will not be able to distinguish how you got this toilet paper in your bathroom. The toilet paper is soft and will not stop up a toilet bowl. This toilet paper comes in a 200 square 3 ply roll. The design is on every single sheet. Every wipe will be as great and interesting as the last.

Ever imagine being rich enough to throw away money? Toilet paper that looks like money can give you and your guests the thrill even if they know it’s just toilet paper. What a great novelty to stuff in every single bathroom. Hotels would do well to offer these novelty rolls in their bathrooms. Every time a guest sees something interesting they tend to remember the hotel better.

Some people spend lots of energy searching for different or unique items to put in their relatives Christmas stockings or give as gag gifts. The hundred dollar bill toilet roll is one of the most interesting ways to say I was thinking of you. It is also a good way to save money on toilet paper because one roll offers 200 quality wipes for a bargain price.

Ever notice the items that are the most memorable are items such as toilet paper? Toilet paper in the design of hundred dollar bill is the perfect gag toilet paper for parties and get together where the emphasis is on fun. This toilet paper comes in standard toilet roll size. The colors are green and white just like the original dollar bill. Some people may like the president that is displayed on the toilet paper and choose to keep the roll for a novelty. If this is the case, the paper has a protecting wrap that will keep the roll safe for years. Wiping with this paper is safe and fun at every angle.