Squiggly Line Watch

$189.00 on Amazon
Never be fashionably late again! Be right on time to make a statement, as well as show off your style. By sporting the Squiggly Line Watch on your wrist you will be a trendsetter extraordinaire. None of your wardrobe will be complete without it! You will be so excited with your new addition, that all other watches will become a thing of the past. A timepiece to compare with no other watch, it is one of a kind. It is so novel, that some will not believe it is a watch! Smile as they are mesmerized and bewildered when you tell them the precise time on your captivating watch.

This is the most unique way to tell time. You will be the envy of everyone and once you see how easy it is to read, you will be amazed. It is so unorthodox in what we know as the way to read a clock, everyone will ask you how it works? A single line that forms a spiral or "squiggly line"; where the two ends fall reveals the time by where they stop, hour and minute. Your friends will be intrigued with your newfangled way of keeping track of the time.

Overwhelmingly loved by all, whether you want it for a novelty piece, a collector's item or fashion statement, don't wait another minute! You will be having the "time" of your life with this watch as a conversation topic. Everyone will stop to marvel at this amazing leather banded wristwatch. If you are the attention seeker, this is the watch for you, but it is also the watch for the novelty lover, the fashionista or just the average Joe. Everyone will be happy with this attractive accessory. The Squiggly Line Watch, a timeless watch that is functional, fun and funky.