Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray
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Hiking, camping, or just going out
is no good without water.
Especially on summer days
that get hotter and hotter!

Luckily there's no more waiting
for your bottles to freeze;
just freeze some oblong ice
to slip in any bottle with ease!

Genius. This product is absolutely genius. Have you ever tried to squeeze a normal sized ice cube into a 12 ounce water bottle? I have. It doesn't work. The frustrating part about it is that it looks like it should work. But, after pushing and shoving it just doesn't go down.

With this sweet ice cube tray, that problem is eliminated!There are two trays included, one blue and one a different shade of blue. So uh, yeah, two blue trays. Each tray has eight skinny ice cube molds. You can stick them in the dishwasher without worry and you can also pop the ice cubes out easily because the trays are semi-flexible.

5 Star Reviews For You:

"This is a great solution to a problem that I've had for quite awhile. My Sigg jug just wouldn't let ice cubes in. I even had purchased some other water bottly skinny ice trays but they weren't skinny enough. This tray works! Before this awesome tray, we were using just crushed ice and that was a mess and took lots of tim. I hated it. Don't hesitate to buy this product, it works!"

"There is nothing better than an ice cold drink on a blazing hot day. With my skinny ice and my thermos mug, I am a happy guy. I've been impressed with how long the ice will last. Seriously, it sometimes goes all day. I have found that I like to put the tray into the freezer first and then fill it up in the freezer. Mess avoided."

"These work great! Beware, they are flimsy. So, if you don't like a flimsy tray, you should avoid these. On the other hand, it makes for poping the ice out very easy. Don't expect to carry these around with one hand. These are the bomb. I love them."

"I am a daily user of these trays. It has become part of my routine to use the ice from this tray. The only negative I can think of is that it seems to be easy to spill the water in this tray. Be cautious."

4 Star Reviews For You:

"I really have no complaints with this tray. It does what it's supposed to do. The long ice is exactly what the doctor ordered. I have docked the tray one star for being a little too flexible."

"I have to put them on a baking sheet or else the water spills all over. This is somewhat of a hassle. The ice they produce is magical though. It's worth the pain for the gain. I like these. I use them."