Don’t Ask Candles

Dont Ask Candles
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How old are you?
Is it fifty-five or fifty-four?
What's the lucky number?
Time to tell 'em all what for!

It's a little sassy
but it's really justified.
When all these pesky youths
are trying to squash your birthday pride!

These don't ask candles are perfect for that birthday cake for someone who is getting kind of, well, OLD! The candles will last for a few parties if the flame is blown out relatively soon after lighting them. The candles spell out "Don't Ask" and include the apostraphe. The apostraphe does not have a wick for lighting.

A User Review For You: "We're holding a big party for my mother's 80th birthday party. When I saw these candles, I knew I had to get them for mom. We haven't used them yet as the party is still a few days away, but, I can't wait to put them on the cake. Mom is going to love them! They came to our house in good condition and un-broken."