Split Pie Pan

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One or the other?
Oh, what to decide?
To make only one,
or two half-as-wide pies?

When the time comes
to pick and choose,
with the option of both
you can never lose!

If I had to choose my favorite pie, I would pick the creme brulee pie that my mom made last year. It was simply divine. It was like a drug. I called it the crack pie because it was so addictive and so strong. Rich, rich, delicious, delicious.

Some of you may be caught with having two favorite pies. Really there should be no shame in that. In my opinion, most pies are good pies. I have never had a pie that I didn't like.

I'm quite a fan of this split pie pan. If you are torn between baking two pies but only want half of each, boom! This is your pie tin. There is a nice separating feature that lets you cook two different pie halves at once!

Thankfully, this split pie pan also lets you cook a full pie. So, it's a very versatile pan. A very nice benefit of buying one of these pans is that you get a twenty five year warranty. That's pretty darn generous. The pan is also safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

Five Star Reviews For You:

"Whether I am using this pan to create one full pie or two half pies, I have always been so happy with this pan. The way that it cooks the pies is perfect. It is such a smart and unique product. BUT, if you are cooking two pies with very different fillings you better be very careful. You may under cook one and overcook the other. Be smart with the two fillings you use."

"I live alone in a cabin. I don't ever want to eat a full pie. I do like to eat pie, though. I use one half to cook a pie and the other half to cook dutch pancakes or quiches. It's perfect. The pan is clearly well made and will last."

"I have great success using this tin to make no bake pies. One flavor to the left, the other flavor to the right. YUM!"

4 Star Reviews For You:

"Some kids don't like apple pie and others don't like pumpkin pie. This pan helps me so much! I love that I can make two flavors at the same time!"

"No real problems here. It is a great solution to a kitchen problem. The only real negative thing I have to say about it is that I like a bigger pan."

"On one hand, it's very nice that the divider is removable. On the other hand, it can be very frustrating. If you lift the pie pan by the bottom, you will be in for a bad time. Don't ever do that. I did it once and it was a mess. I like this pan because I don't like making one big pie just for myself. It's a good solution and I am happy with it. 4 Star."