Batman Projector Pen

Batman Projector Pen
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The fictional super hero known worldwide as “Batman” is appearing in a new fun pen that also projects the Caped Crusader’s famed bat signal on walls and any flat surface. This official DC Comics “Batman Projector Pen” is offered in black ink in a 1.0mm ballpoint style. The pen features a quick release button, allowing users to shine this awesome bat signal for signaling friends and family. Batman’s original and official logo makes this a must for any true blue fan or collector.

Another aspect of this cool new Batman pen is linked to current hype surrounding the new movie sequel “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Meanwhile, superhero fans can expect lots of “wow” remarks when they press the handy button on the side of the pen to project its bat signal light. Unlike most superheroes, Batman is associated with his unique signal as a sort of calling card that “the World’s Greatest Detective” is in the house or out and about fighting crime.

Who is the Caped Crusader?

While most Batman fans like his “Batmobile,” tried and true fans often relate to the “Bat Signal” from when this character was introduced and earned his namesake comic book title back in 1940. Fast forward to 2015, and the fictional hero still captivates with blockbuster movies and on the pages of DC Comics that is still going strong. The superhero’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne. According to the comic book creator’s state that Wayne is a billionaire, philanthropist, playboy and owner of Wayne Enterprises.

Batman’s specialized equipment

The Dark Knight is another nickname for Batman, and his claim to fame is his genius at solving crimes. He uses such skills as science and technology, martial arts, and overall physical prowess to defeat bad buys such as the Joker. At the same time, Batman announces himself with his characteristic bat symbol that fans can now project themselves with the ease of clicking the button on this awesome pen that is perfect for any fan.

At the same time, this bat signal is used to summon the Caped Crusader when he is needed. Imagine you are the Gotham City police chief or Commissioner Gordon from the amusing Sixties TV series. There’s crime running amok on the streets so you click your new Batman pen to project your own official searchlight with its signature bat-shaped insignia into the night sky.

Having fun with your new Bat pen

Batman is just a click away when you need to write a note, do some boring homework or simply doodling images of your favorite super hero. It’s now possible with this official Bat pen that allows fans to pretend they are connected directly to the Dark Knight’s official residence, Wayne Manor. How cool is that? It all happens when enjoying this very useful and interesting Bat pen that is also a projection device.

Overall, there are lots and lots of Batman items on the market today. However, nothing beats something as practical as this new Bat pen that projects the Cape Crusader’s light wherever you like.