Pikachu Ears Hoodie

Pikachu Ears Hoodie
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For the Pokemon fan who wants nothing more than to be Pikachu, this Pikachu Ears Hoodie is the perfect accessory. In a matter of moments, you can take your outfit from blah to bright and make it clear that you're supporting your favorite video game, showcasing your hobbies and interests for the world to see. As a gamer girl, it's a great way to attract the attention of guys who might not otherwise notice your extraordinary coolness. As a gamer guy, it's a great way to show off your favorite hobby. No matter your gender, the hoodie is an excellent way to make yourself look fuzzy and adorable--because what could be cuter than an adorable hoodie with Pikachu's face printed on the top, complete with flapping ears that will give you the look of a Pokemon ready to be captured.

Warning: wearing this hoodie may cause an unusual gathering of geeks in your immediate area. Approach them with caution. In the most extreme cases, they may attempt to capture you in a device known as a poke ball. While this device is unlikely to cause a human any particular discomfort other than the need to run madly through the nearest forest while trying to avoid capture, other Pokemon masquerading as Pikachu might find that the poke ball presents a greater problem than originally anticipated.

For this reason, wearing of the hoodie by Pokemon should be done only under safe circumstances, when you're sure that you'll be able to get to a safe place. Fans of the video game, on the other hand, can feel free to wear their hoodie anywhere they like; however, large gatherings of other gamers may lead to greater numbers of compliments. Confusion from non-gaming individuals may ensue. Many customers find this to be a desirable result of wearing the hoodie, so proceed as you prefer.

Wearing this hoodie may also lead to feelings of grandeur and a desire to use lightning powers to attack anyone foolish enough to attempt to hurt you/get in your way. Please keep in mind that the wearing of the Pikachu Ears Hoodie does not in any way imbue you with any of the powers mentioned on the show or in the games. Wearing this hoodie is a fashion choice only and will have no impact on your ability to defend yourself in the event of an emergency. Wearing this hoodie will likely also make it very difficult for you to hide should you give in to the urge to attempt to use one of Pikachu's powers.

The Pikachu Ears Hoodie is made of thin material, perfect for layering or in the early fall or spring when you just want an extra layer of warmth. It is soft and comfortable, but some reviewers note that it's sized a little small, so you may want to go up at least one size when ordering. Because of the bright yellow color of the hoodie, washing separately the first couple of times is highly recommended.