Star Trek Communicator Badge

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All the commissioned officers and crew members of Starfleet craft are given a communicator pin that is right on their person. These pins are used in all the Star Trek shows to give you the feeling that these people are in the science fiction world created by Gene Roddenberry. You can get one of these pins to put on your shirt, or you can put it on a jacket that is going to help everyone know you are a Trekkie. There is nothing wrong with joining the fandom, and these pins make it very clear where your loyalties lie.

You can get this pin in a size that is just like what they wore on the TV shoes and movies, and this pin comes with backing that you can use to attach it to anything. You will not lose your pin because it is too heavy, and it will not fall off because of the backing. This is a great pin to wear when you love Star Trek, and this is a great pin to give someone who is a fan.

These are great gifts for people who love the Star Trek series, and these are even better pins for the people that want to remember the good old days when the show came on the first time. They get to revisit their youth, or they can look into the past when they thought that traveling in space like they did was impossible.

Everyone who gets one of these pins will have their fandom increased, and they will feel like they are being given a piece of something truly special. Buy one of these so that you can show off your fandom, or give one of these pins to someone who you know will appreciate having this badge on their chest.