Sleeping Bag Tent Jacket

Sleeping Bag Tent Jacket
$249.99 on Amazon
Like a hermit crab,
which wanders with a sturdy shelter,
you can wear upon your back
a sleeping bag and tent together.

To go with your bug-out bag
or just for lightweight camping,
you'll never have to face
tedious sleeping bag packing.

This isn't a joke. This is a high quality sleeping bag tent jacket. Say that three times fast. Actually, I just did and it wasn't too hard. BUT, aren't you impressed with this amazing and incredible thingie?!

If you like be out in the woods, or know someone who does, you should take a serious look at this. Now, you don't have to pack a tent or a sleeping bag. You can walk in your tent sleeping bag!

Will you look the most stylish? Eh, not the most. Will you be warm? Yes. Will you be packing light? Yes.

The sleeping bag tent jacket is made of waterproof material so that you can sleep on it. The sleeping bag part is not really very padded. It's pretty light weight. But, the tent part is waterproof. You can, however, wear some pretty thick and baggy clothes under the sleeping bag tent jacket. It will fit them. You can get one in black or green.

A User Review For You: "I got this for my husband. He is the outdoorsy type of guy. He loves fishing and hunting and hiking. The problem with buying gifts for him is that he has, like, everything. When I saw this cool contraption, I knew that: #1. He would use it. #2. He didn't have it. It's been perfect. Great great great gift for an outdoors lover."