Poke Ball Belt

Poke Ball Belt
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Do you know someone who is a big fan of Pokemon? If so, they will love this fun and engaging Pokemon Clip n' Carry Poke Ball Belt! As every great Pokemaster knows, the funnest part of Pokemon is catching the cute little critters yourself. With this interactive pretend toy, you can do just that!

This Poke Ball Belt toy comes with an adjustable red and black belt, two poke balls, two 2 inch Pokemon figures (which fit inside the balls during play) and two attack tags. You can also add to your collection later by purchasing additional clip n' carry poke balls and figures or using ones you already own. The belt can carry up to six poke balls at a time, so you can easily switch up which ones you play with.

The belt is made to fit a wide range of children's sizes, so fit shouldn't be a problem. This toy is a great addition for Halloween Pokemon trainer costumes or for everyday play. The belt and poke balls are made of strong, sturdy materials that will provide hours of enjoyment without wearing out or breaking easily. This toy can easily be used for solitary or group play, however, it is always more fun when a Pokemon trainer can battle another trainer! For that reason, if you have more than one little Pokemon fan at home, you might want to buy them each their own belt!