Portable Smartphone Car Mount

Portable Smartphone Car Mount
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Hands free driving helps keep a driver safe and their eyes on the road. However, when using a mobile phone for navigation directions, this becomes tricky without some sort of a mount. While there are plenty of mount displays for vehicles that attach to the front dash or the windshield, these are usually larger in size. For anyone who travels and uses rental cars, traveling with this kind of a device just is not practical. That is why the Kenu Airframe - Portable Smartphone Car Mount is such a desirable option. With the car mount, it is possible to clip it directly into the air vent of any vehicle, instantly giving the driver the ability to go hands free, no matter what they are driving.

The portable smartphone car mount has several different benefits. It can be slipped into almost any pocket (well, not pockets on those skinny jeans, which are hard enough to slip anything into), but for the most part, it can fit almost anywhere. Plus, the vent clip can rotate, which makes it possible to fit the mount anywhere without forcing the driver to twist their head sideways just to read their map.

Now, the one thing for anyone looking at the Kenu Airframe - Portable Smartphone Car Mount to keep in mind is it can hold a smartphone up to five inches in size. This means any of those over sized fabulist are not going to fit into it. Even the latest iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 phones are too large for the mount. It really is designed for smaller phones. Outside of this factor though, most people who need a car mount and have a screen size of under 5 inches should check out the portable smartphone car mount.

This gadget is awesome and will help improve your driving experience. This product offers an adjustable clip that accommodates most smart phones (up to 5" screens). It attaches to the air vents and keeps your phone near eye level, making it the perfect companion for hands free GPS usage, phone calls, or even music streaming. This portable smartphone car mount is a great way to help you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, helping to keep you and others safer.