Lego Lightsaber Earrings

Lightsaber Earrings
$8.99 on Amazon
An elegant earring
for a more civilized age,
these lightsaber fineries
are all the rage

with fashionable Jedi
who know a stellar style.
You won't see cooler jewelry;
at least, not for a while!

User Reviews For You: "These LEGO lightsaber earrings are adorable! I knew I liked them from the first moment I saw them. I was a little unsure if they would be as quality in real life as they seemed in the pictures is because they are made out of LEGOs. But, wow! These things are awesome! Mine are very high quality and look awesome! Nobody realizes they are made out of LEGOs until I tell them. People are usually shocked.

I love how vibrant and bright the red on the earrings are. I feel extra confident wearing these lightsaber earrings. My boyfriend is a huge Star Wars fan and loves these! I think they may be my favorite earrings.

If you are wondering about how big the earrings are, I think they are something like 1 to 2 inches long. Really fun to have them dangling and hanging from your ears. If you have holes in your ears and are a Star Wars fan, you should totally but these! So worth it!"

"As a mother of a girl who absolutely loves Star Wars, these earrings were a great find. I bought them for her as one of her birthday gifts. She was SO SO SO happy. She kept hugging me for giving her these earrings. She now wears them very often. They look really cute with her Star Wars outfits."

"As a girl, I like to take every opportunity that I can to show how much I love Star Wars. It sometimes feel like every Star Wars product is made for guys. BUT, not these. They are really well made and are perfect! I have no complaints about these lightsabers at all. Love them!"