3D Glasses Contact Lens Case

3D Glasses Contact Lens Case
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This contact lens case in the shape of a pair of 3D specs is perfect for any movie fan. They are brought to you by Kikkerland who has been making the lens cases in an odd, yet fun designs for years. This lens case is very distinguishable from other ordinary lens cases. So when friends see this 3D spec case sitting on your counter they will have no idea that it is a contact case. That way you will never have to tell them that you secretly cant see very well.

This case comes in a small size, which makes it perfect to carry around in a small bag such as a purse and is also easily portable, for those of you who chose not to carry purses. Although the case is just over 3 inches, it is very durable. Since it is the case is made from a strong plastic is it heavier than you would expect. This is great since it will be less likely to break.

The case is also leak proof. As long as you have the lid locked firmly in place it won't leak no matter how much or how hard you shake it. This will ensure that your lens are kept moist and safe while they are in this stylish holder. The 3D spec case features snap shut, locking lids and has a button on the back of the case for easy opening.

In addition to all these features what it comes down to is style. If you are looking to step away from the traditional screw top lame cases, this is the perfect case to buy. Its realistic looks will blow your mind, if you are a lover of 3D movies and glasses then this is a must have case. This is a highly rated item and Kikkerlands aims to please. If you have any concerns they will not hesitate to help.