Seat Belt Buckle Key Holder

Seat Belt Buckle Key Holder
$12.90 on Amazon
Remember when you lost your keys
in a dreadful accident?
I mean literally lost them.
Well, you need key management!

Buckle up your keys
to ensure they're not forgotten.
And if your house somehow crashes
these will make that much less rotten.

This item is created to be practical and fun. It includes a buckle that is easy to mount on the wall and a clip that goes on your key ring. When you are home, simply buckle your keys to the wall. Colors available are tan, grey, and black.

A User Review For You: "I got a little tired of my boyfriend losing his keys. He seriously lost them once a week before we bought this seat belt buckle key holder. I persisted and persisted that we needed to get this. Once we installed it, I had to badger him a little to use it. He finally got in the habit. NOW HE NEVER LOSES HIS KEYS... AT HOME."