Rolled Omelette Pan

Rolled Omelette Pan
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Think it is impossible to make a great, restaurant-quality omelet at home? Think there's a magic trick needed in order to get it to come out the way you wish? If you're anything like me, you have tried time and time again and it never seems to come out just right. The eggs don't cook evenly, or they break when you try to roll them over your fillings. Or maybe they stick to the pan, creating a huge mess. Well not anymore! With the Nordic Ware Rolled Omelet Pan, your omelets come out perfectly every time!

This specially designed pan is foolproof. It provides a center divider that helps guide you with filling placement, as well as rolling your omelet. The spatula ensures you roll the omelet right over your fillings and onto your plate. How easy is that? Also with durable nonstick coating, clean up is a breeze.

Lightweight and made out of cast aluminum, it conducts heat efficiently in order to ensure even cooking. So you see, this pan is very easy to use and can be utilized for any occasion. Entertaining guests? Or maybe you just want to make a big, nice breakfast for your family? Either way it goes, the Nordic Ware Rolled Omelet Pan makes it easy to please everyone. Mini omelets for the kids, a light healthy omelet for you, a big meaty omelet for your husband. You won't hear any complaints, just the sound of forks cleaning their plates!

This is definitely a kitchen must-have for the chef that lives inside all of us. Making that perfect omelet doesn't have to be such a tedious task. Let your inner chef free and your imagination run wild! With this product, it has never been easier. Never doubt your omelet making skills again. I know I won't!