Goldfish Shower Curtain

$25.97 on Amazon
If your bathroom needs that pop of color that makes sitting on the toilet for ten minutes a little more interesting, then this is the shower curtain for you. It's a transparent curtain with a beautifully enlarged goldfish (don't be scared, it's not to scale) that children to grandparents and everyone in between will enjoy.

Upon first entering the bathroom your guests will immediately notice the bright orange of the goldfish creating a vibrant glow that every bathroom deserves. Then they will notice the large eye of the goldfish staring at them and wonder what the goldfish was thinking when it had its picture taken. And where is that goldfish now? Anyway, the oranges will go quite well with any bathroom colors like light blue, white, or heck, even an all orange bathroom!

The curtain is made of vinyl, is eco-friendly and will fit any standard bathtub which means the necessary coverage of body parts will be done quite well by the goldfish. It is transparent, therefore we do not suggest letting someone else use the restroom while you are bathing because they will see you. Unless you want them to, so you're in luck!

Maybe you don't need to take a shower but you wish you had a goldfish to watch instead of the tv and your parents aquarium isn't cutting it anymore because you've found Nemo a million times: great! Glide the shower curtain around the rod and you'll simulate a real live goldfish! The fins will flutter as if you are sitting in the water with the fish.

Now, if you're wondering how you'll ever clean such a large goldfish, don't worry, we've got you covered: Simply wipe the product down with a soft cloth regularly to keep it clean. This will help in extending the life of your goldfish, I mean, shower curtain and keep the paint fresh.