Zombie Killer Throwing Axe

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Zombie invasions appear to be on the rise. Every household needs to be prepared for an attack by these unwashed masses. They have no working brains, and they just do not know when to quit. Preparation through training is the key to fending them off, and this zombie killer throwing axe is just the weapon to have on hand.

The stainless steel head is curved for a good result when thrown. It is razor sharp and designed to penetrate a wooden target for practice. It is also great for slaying those pesky zombies. The steel is powder coated in black and has a silver lining for easy recognition and retrieval. Green paint clearly marks the prime usefulness of this deadly weapon; it is a zombie killer. The nylon wrapping of the handle is also bright green. This makes it easy to find and retrieve when a throw goes off the mark.

The handle is curved for a comfortable grip when throwing at a target. It is wrapped with nylon cord for a firm grip. The overall length is 11.5 inches for balance when holding. The large finger hold gives stability as it turns in the air when released toward the target. Any wooden or actual target will be penetrated by the 5.75 inch head with a thickness of only 0.25 inches.

Even if there are no reports of zombies in the area, it is always wise to be prepared to fend off the undead. Practice with this razor sharp throwing axe is the ticket to successfully winning the Zombie War. If you do not yet have the skills necessary, this axe will be an asset. Throwing this balanced blade into the target will make those hours of practice zoom by with pleasure at a new skill learned. Constant practice will help even those who have been preparing for years.