Giant Gummy Python

Giant Gummy Python
$119.99 on Amazon
If you have a love of all things gummy and a deep appreciation for snakes and other things that slither and crawl, the perfect product for you is just a click away. Do you find that you can never have enough gummy candy? Have you ever lingered in the candy aisle, desperately hoping that you've picked up enough gummies to quiet your cravings? If so, look no further! The Giant Gummy Python will take care of all of your gummy needs.

Wow your friends with your amazing new pet. This is a gummy friend that's going to be with you for a while. Introduce him to all of your friends, who will sure to be charmed by his big, sweet eyes and his beguiling scent. Everyone will be sure to love him. In fact, you might quickly notice that you develop a whole host of other new friends and pets who follow you around, anxious to get to know your Giant Gummy Python a little bit better. Sure, some of them are bugs, but hey, your pet is a gummy snake. You can't be picky, right?

Create an amazing candy table display. Candy tables are the latest party craze, and when you add a Giant Gummy Python to the mix, you're sure to create an incredible table that people will be talking about for a long time to come. Match your candy table colors to his red and black color scheme or create a rainbow display with something for everyone: you can't make a better candy table than one that includes an enormous gummy snake!

End your gummy addiction forever. Let's face it: it's definitely possible to consume too much of a good thing, and twenty-six solid pounds of gummy candy would certainly fall into that category. If you've ever wanted to break your sugar addiction once and for all, a few hours with your enormous gummy snake will go a long way toward removing those cravings. You might be a little nauseous for a few days afterward, and the red food coloring might create some negative behavioral effects, particularly if you consume your entire gummy snake in one sitting.

Create the perfect costume accessory. If you've ever wanted to create a creepy snake costume that will linger in the minds of your friends for years to come, this gummy python is the perfect accessory. You can get cozy with your snake, cuddling with it, kissing it, and even getting a little tongue involved--after all, the flavor is perfect! At the end of the evening, you can share your snake friend with all your friends. Feel like going into a serial-killer-style frenzy? You can chop him up and eat him on the spot, all the while grinning like a maniac, and creep out everyone around you.

The Giant Gummy Python has an amazing array of uses. The fun is endless when you pull out your gummy snake and share him with all of your friends. Just remember: eating the entire gummy python in one sitting will almost certainly cause intestinal distress. Consume responsibly.