Wasabi Kit Kats

Wasabi Kit Kats
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Kit Kats have gained a loyal following, especially in Japan. Nestle has come out with a number of interesting flavors that are exclusively created for its consumers in Japan. One of their most popular flavors is wasabi.

The Wasabi Kit Kat is coated with a white chocolate that is flavored with a little bit of the same sinus-clearing green condiment that you eat with sushi. The candy even has that wasabi green. When you think about it, the combination is not all that crazy. You are mixing sweet with a little bit of spice. If you usually shy away from wasabi when you eat sushi, you will be glad to hear that the candy will not set your mouth on fire like what a pure blob of wasabi will do.

People who have tasted it say that the wasabi flavor is rather mild. You taste the wasabi, but it will not make your eyes water like pure wasabi. So, if you want to wake up your mouth, this will not do it. The sweet vanilla taste of the white chocolate makes the flavor more mellow.

If you are someone who likes to try new flavors, this is definitely not one to miss. It will give your palate a different type of experience. This is not something that you would just wolf down. Take a bite and let the flavors blend in your mouth. Enjoy the sweetness first, then enjoy the wasabi aftertaste. You have to taste it like a candy connoisseur.

Buy a box and have some fun with your friends. Eat one and pretend that your mouth is burning, then see who is brave enough to try one.

If nothing else, the packaging is really attractive, worthy to be a collector's item. If you have a friend who really likes things in the Japanese motif, this would make a perfect gift for him.

If you have a taste for wasabi, have a sweet tooth, or just like to try new things, these wasabi Kit Kats bars are for you. These candy bars come in a neat novelty box shipped from Japan, and make a fun treat to experience with friends and family, or to savor on your own. Why not get some "Wasabi Kitto Katto" today?