Non-Contact Temperature Gun

Non-Contact Temperature Gun
$44.99 on Amazon
This nifty device is great for anyone who needs to tell the temperature of something and doesn't want to touch that thing. The temperature range for the Non-Contact Temperature Gun ranges between -76 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 and 500 degrees Celsius). The ratio for distance to spot measure is twelve to one. This is great!

You know we're often having to take temperatures of things that we don't want to touch, such as stoves with gross things stuck on them. Sometimes your grandmother will ask you to take her temperature and you won't want to touch her. This gun is usually used for more technical readings, but surely you can use it to read her temperature, too!

Thankfully the Gun comes with its very own holster. So when you finish taking the temperature of your car engine you can flip that bad boy in the holster. Then, when grandma asks you about taking her temperature, take it out of the holster and ZAP!

The gun allows you to take temperatures of things far away. That's convenient! It's almost as convenient as the extendable grabber. Actually, it's better! The extendable grabber doesn't have lasers and can't tell you the temperature of certain things that are hard to reach.

Use it to get the temperature of your air vents that are located on the ceiling. How hot are they? You'll never know without this Non-Contact Temperature Gun. You're sweating and wondering how hot the air coming out of the vents is, but since the vents are out of your reach you are going to sweat and collapse. You'd better get some water to keep hydrated while you wait for this the gun to ship. Just think, this product has a response time of one-second. If you had one you could have read that temperature in less time than it takes to say, "Take your own temperature, Grandma!"