Long Handle Tools

Long Handle Tools
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One should not rely on swords
To fend off endless zombie hordes.

What's better is a hammer's whack
Or spears' or axes' snicker-snack!

They sure would look great on your wall --
For looks or defense, buy them all!

There are 3 different tools in this long handle tools series. An axe, a hammer, and a spear. Each long handle tool is made with 30% fiberglass and are extremely tough and durable. Each comes with a sheath or cover.

A Fake User Review For You: "I use these long handle tools as walking sticks. They are strong, durable, and pack a punch. If a menacing dog or hoodlum comes after me, I can just smack them with the hammer or chop them with the ax or slice them with the spear. These bring such a peace of mind to me."