Waterfall LED Bath Faucet

Waterfall LED Bath Faucet
$199.99 on Amazon
A pretty sheet of water
cascading to the pool
illuminating gently
the water, hot or cool,

brings light and color
to the starkness of ceramic tile,
and, glowing through,
saturates limpid color all the while.

I get all warm and cozy on the inside thinking about a nice hot bath. It sounds so relaxing. Sticking my feet up and laying in the comforting water. Yup, I'm ready for a bath and it's only 11:30 AM.

This LED waterfall bath faucet is great. The colors change with changes in the water temperature. The waterfall adds to a relaxing bath. I'm sold. I really am. I want one of these.

User Reviews For You: "I'm happy with the faucet at the current price. The entire family LOVES the LED lights. For the first week, it was the big talk of the house. Everyone wanted to take a bath. Visitors to the house are sure impressed by it.

I had a hard time installing it though. It will take more than an hour to get it perfect. I suggest having some plumbing putty around just in case you need to make the seal a little better.

I did not like the shower handle at all. It just looks bad. I removed it, entirely. You may like it more than I do.

All in all, I really like this item. It's neat. It's unique. It's pretty. It works."

"I'm pleased with the LED waterfall bath faucet. It has exceeded my expectations. The shower attachment piece is terrible. It is cheap. Otherwise, absolutely fantastic item."

"I was a little intimidated by the idea of putting this faucet in all by myself. I called a local handy man. He did a nice job. If you aren't comfortable doing something like this, I'd recommend calling a handy man. The waterfall effect is quite nice. I really like the lights, too."