Movie Prop Bottles

Movie Prop Bottles
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If you have ever seen a bottle being broken over someone’s head in a movie or on a television show, you can bet that they are using a breakaway glass bottle, although there truly have been some cases of real bottles being used. Breakaway bottles look just like regular beer or soda bottles, except they are made out of a material, which is part of a secret formula, which holds in shape and appears like a regular bottle, but breaks easily when struck on something.

When someone is struck with the bottle, it may appear like the person is suffering a violent attack, when in reality it does not hurt at all and the person getting hit with it will barely feel anything, as the bottle shatters apart and still looks like a nasty hit. There are a few things that these types of bottles can be great for, but the two things that stick out the most are theatrical performances of any kind, and pranks.

These bottles are used all the time in various movies and TV, as well as all sorts of plays, and chances are that you have seen this before. They have gotten a ton of positive reviews from all sorts of people in the entertainment industry and they have become a staple on all sorts of sets that involve various types of fighting, especially those that occur in bars. The extremely real looking nature that the bottles exhibit when they break is perfect for live performances in plays and there is no question that these bottles are going to be around for a long time.

There has been an absolute explosion of pranks on the internet over the last few years, as people have gotten very famous for posting all sorts of pranks and it has led people to follow suit. These pranksters will go out in public and gauge the public's response to certain things happening, where the victims think it is simply a real life situation. There are a ton of videos that show fake fights, where one person will walk up to another person and hit them over the head with one of the breakaway bottles, making it look like a vicious attack just took place in front of their eyes. The reactions are caught and the videos are placed online after getting consent, and there is no question that the bottles work perfectly and shock the people in the vicinity that witness the event.

These bottles are perfect if you want to play a prank on your family and friends and there is no question that the people who see you break the bottle are going to think that it’s real. If you buy some of these bottles, keep in mind that they are sturdy but are made to easily break away when hit on something, so be careful how you handle them, because there have been some reports that they have broken while being carried in bags and in other unintended situations.