Unicorn Bottle Holder

Unicorn Bottle Holder
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Did you know unicorns are now the official animal of Scotland? It’s true. Imagine a whole country agreeing unanimously that unicorns are so awesome that they don’t even have to be a real animal to be elected as official governmental status. Jarod Kints once shared the same opinion, saying proudly, “My words and my ideas are my property, and I’ll keep and protect them as surely as I do my stable of unicorns.”

Many people around the world are enchanted by the very idea of unicorns, and for a good reason: they’re awesome. So awesome that kids and adults collect them, and believe that they're real. Of course, who's to say they're not. They are also the focal point for a lot of a home décor, because obviously unicorns are stylish too.

There is a great new unicorn sculpture on the market that not only looks great on any counter, but can also conveniently hold onto anyone’s favorite bottle of drink! Imagine spicing up your counter space with an object that is not only functional, but is also a great conversation piece. This Unicorn Bottle Holder has a beauty that will be the centerpiece of any unicorn lover’s home or kitchen.

Measuring in at eleven inches long, five inches high, and a compact four inches wide, the Unicorn Bottle Holder features a beautiful cold cast resin with an equally beautiful finish. It’s hand painted, which means that there is craftsman that put as much love and care into this statue as any one of its lucky owners will.

It has a very solid feel, which you would hope to expect from an object that will be holding your next favorite thing: the drinks. It can hold a standard size bottle comfortably between its hind legs and angle the entire bottle midway into the air. The expression on the unicorn’s face indicates that you selected a good bottle, because it is trying to absorb its sweetness with all of its effort!

The Unicorn Bottle Holder is designed to make grabbing your next bottle easy, you’ll want to get your own and impress your friends and family with your new centerpiece. Because, after, didn’t Ollie White once remark, “Life would be simpler if only we were all unicorns?” Life is super easy with the Unicorn Bottle Holder. A great center-piece for your niece’s next birthday party would be this guy, holding a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider!
,br> Think about it, this could make a whole new kitchen, a whole new decor, or most importantly, a whole new you. Get your conversations started, with the Unicorn Bottle Holder