Stereo Cooler

Stereo Cooler
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The ingredients to make a party are simple: good food, good music, good drinks, and good friends. While the friends can't be provided for you, good music and a great place to store your drinks can all be combined into one through this fantastic Stereo Cooler.

The cooler contains a Bluetooth device that will connect to both iPhone and Android devices. Anywhere you, your phone, and your music can go with this cooler, you're set up for fun! The battery, which is recharged through connections on the sides, will last all day and well into the night: reviewers note that they've used it for 6-8 hours with no problems, and the initial battery life is designed to be about 10 hours. Want to crank the volume? No problem! These quality speakers will have you dancing to the beat in no time at all.

Not only that, the cooler itself is high-quality, too. Three days after dumping ice into the cooler, product testers found that there was still quite a bit of ice floating inside. No matter what you're planning for your day of music and fun, your food and drinks will be ice cold when you need them.

Always Be Prepared for a Party

You never know when you're going to decide that you want to blare your music loud and proud, and with the Stereo Cooler, you don't have to worry that you'll be caught unprepared. No more hauling excessive equipment around with you just in case the chance to dance turns up. Instead, you'll bring your speakers right along with your drinks or cold food products. It's the easy way to have a party with you wherever you go.

Easily Set Up for a Romantic Picnic

Are you headed out for a romantic picnic with the guy or girl of your dreams and hoping for the opportunity to dance under the stars? This cooler is the perfect accessory for your date. Just pre-program a little romantic music into your phone and when the time is right, turn it on and enjoy!

Take Your Music on the Water

Out for a day on the lake with friends? There's nothing that can make that more fun--except a little music to add a soundtrack to your escapades. Turn it on, crank up the sound, and enjoy the added effect of music on your day.

Take Your Backyard Barbecue to the Next Level

Whether you're out in your own back yard with the kids and a few friends or headed to a huge family event, a little music can spice things up and get the party started. Bring the cooler to hold the drinks. Keep it to bring the fun!

The Stereo Cooler will provide hours of musical entertainment to any event or gathering while still keeping your food and drinks cold, just like it's intended. It serves both purposes equally well, both the speaker and the cooler functioning efficiently no matter where you might need to go. This product will help enhance your entire year, making it easier than ever before to share your music with everyone in your group. Note: excessive sharing may lead to neighborhood frustration or complaints from other campers. Also keep in mind that not everyone shares your awesome taste in music and may not appreciate it being blasted at full volume. Use this product responsibly.