Old Book Scented Candle

Old Book Scented Candle
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There's nothing quite like the scent of old books: a scent reminiscent of learning, and hallowed halls, and libraries filled with knowledge waiting to be acquired and stories waiting to be read. Now, with this Old Book Scented Candle, you can bring that smell to your home or office with the flicker of a lighter. This amazing candle has hints of grass and vanilla that are perfectly blended with that amazing old parchment scent that is absolutely perfect for any book lover to enjoy.

Relax With Your Favorite Scent Wherever You Go

If you're a book lover, you know how relaxing it is to walk into an old library and breathe in that scent of paper. In a place that smells like books, you're perfectly at home and ready to take on any academic challenge. Now, you can bring that smell home with you. Let your bedroom smell like a library or fill your entire house with that amazing smell.

Create a Homey Feel to Your Office

Your office is probably a cold, sterile place. It's filled with technology: computers, scanners, and printers. While you might be lucky enough to get the occasional scent of ink, more than likely, your office usually smells like industrial strength cleaner and not much else. When you use this Old Book Scented Candle, on the other hand, you'll be able to make your office feel much more like home. You have to spend hours out of your day there, often seeing it more than you see your home when you're awake. You might as well make it smell like home.

Create Inspiration in a Scent

When your nose is buried in a book, you feel inspired. Surely you could create characters like these, develop a world like this one, and write words that can change the existing shape of the world! Unfortunately, when you enter the real world, it can be a lot harder. By using this book scented candle, you can bring that sense of inspiration along with you even while you're working with a modern computer.

Use It As the Perfect Gift

Readers are hard to buy presents for. Sure, you could always choose a gift card; but choosing a personal gift can feel like a real challenge. You never know what they've read and what they haven't. If you absolutely loved a book and want to share it with them, there's a good chance that they've already had the chance to fall in love with it. On the other hand, they might have adored a book that simply wasn't to your taste. You don't know what new release they're dying for or what series they've just discovered. With this book candle, on the other hand, you can acknowledge just how well you know this friend without having to choose a book that they haven't already added to their personal library.

The hallowed halls of a library give off a special scent and a sense of ancient knowledge that can't be found anywhere else--but now, you can bring that special scent along with you wherever you go. This scented candle won't fill the air with fruity perfumes or a scent of flowers. Instead, you can spread your favorite scent throughout the air in your home.