AK-47 Water Gun

AK-47 Water Gun
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When you are looking for unique or fun things to buy as gifts, or just to have around the house, you need to look for something that is unique. When you are looking for a water gun, you are usually just going to find water guns that are mostly all the same. When you are looking for a water gun that is really going to stand out, you need to really find a water gun that is unique. An AK-47 water gun is going to be a great type of water gun that not that many people are going to have.

This AK-47 water gun is a battery operated fully automatic water gun. This would be a great gift for anyone, or even just something fun to have for yourself during an intense water fight. There are working parts inside of this transparent water gun that you can see in motion when you are using your water gun. This adds to the fun of the water gun. With a clip and full handle, this AK-47 water gun looks very realistic. This could be a very fun water gun to take to a water fight, or even to just have around the house.

This AK-47 water gun could also be something that would be very fun to take to the beach, but you have to be very carful to not point it at any strangers. This gun is so real that you might get the cops called on you. Buying a few of these guns would create an amazing water fight that would be remembered by friends for years to come. These water fights are something that could happen time and time again as well. There are many different ways that friends could have fun with these AK-47 water guns.

One of the best things about warmer weather is getting to play in the water and have water fights. Take this awesome water gun with you into your battles. This awesome battery operated water gun has a range of up to 5 meters (about 5 1/2 yards) so you can get your targets without getting soaked yourself.