Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Motorized Ice Cream Cone
$16.99 on Amazon
Why would one need to spin a cone
when it already can?
Automatic ice cream
can help you relax your hand!

Just hold it and enjoy.
With this, the fuss and mess and strife
of a normal ice cream cone
Will be vanished from your life!

The motorized ice cream cone comes in four different colors: lime, orange, purple, and red. There is a removable dish that you load with ice cream. The removable dish is safe in the dishwasher but the base of the motorized ice cream cone is not safe in the dishwasher.

A User Review For You: "I can't say enough nice things about this product. It allows me to reduce my exertion while enjoying ice cream. Seriously, I get to be more lazy. All I have to do is press a button and hold my tongue out and reap the delicious benefits. Wonderful!"