Bubble Hourglass

Bubble Hourglass
$9.99 on Amazon
Delicate, beautiful, and magically mesmerizing, this unique Bubble Hourglass will make watching time pass a delightful experience. If you're a collector, this one is an absolute must-have! And if you're new to the concept, this is a perfect way to discover the hypnotic pleasure of the bubble hourglass.

Though it's shaped like a traditional sand-filled hourglass, this bubble glass isn't meant to be used as timepieces and doesn't accurately measure time. Instead it's a charming novelty that will add a touch of elegance to any collection, decor, or desktop.

How it works: instead of being filled with sand that flows from top to bottom, the glass is filled with fluid that moves rapidly from one end to the other when it's inverted, creating bubbles of varying sizes in an amazing visual effect. The flow of bubbles appears to defy the laws of physics, building into fascinating formations at the upper end of the glass rather than the bottom. Watching the bubbles flow and form intricate structures within the glass is both fascinating and soothing .. and when you flip it, the whole process happens all over again.

The glass is petite (about six inches in length) and somewhat delicate, so it's definitely not a child's toy. Its relatively small size makes it the perfect accent piece for shelves, end tables, windowsills, or any place that needs a dash of interesting elegance.