Pros and Cons Notepad

Pros and Cons Notepad
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How often do you question yourself? No decision comes easy in our fast-paced, instant gratification world that we live in. For the diligent minded, it helps to have a reliable tool that can assist when faced with a difficult choice. The Pros and Cons Notepad is just such a tool. Whether you are waiting on an answer from a higher power, or taking control of your life in your own way, the Pros and Cons Notepad can help you in times of trouble.

The notepad features a 2-column system for analyzing the details of your difficult decisions. One column is to list all the pros. This can include more money, a better profile, a lovely garden, or a better tasting chicken dinner. The other column is for the cons, which takes into consideration such things as bodily harm, the disappearance of all human life, or a poorly made milkshake. With 60 sheets, each column can tear off easily to introduce a whole new level of decision making.

Speaking of milkshakes, do you ever wonder about the cost and availability of milkshakes? I do. I spend countless hours contemplating where to go, what flavor to choose, and what size to conquer. The perfect milkshake may be an enigma, but there are ways to make the process simpler by weighing out the pros and cons.

For example, a five dollar milkshake seems impressive because of the cost, but what kinds of cows created the milk that was used in that milkshake? Were they treated well? There is also the consideration of what quality of flavoring goes into the milkshake. What if it is half-off day at the local soda fountain but their shakes are only second-best in that area of town? Should I try an egg-cream instead? I hear those are incredibly popular in New York City.

What to leave in and what to leave out? I often wonder if my seemingly insignificant actions could possibly affect everything on a universal scale. Each drop of water in the ocean carries the possibility of a new chain of life. Is it a kinder, gentler person that decides not to eat meat, or is it that our basic survival instincts that will inevitably draw us back to our animal roots? We may never know, but contemplation is a human characteristic that cannot be denied. You need to have a place to write down the pros and cons of all of the questions and decisions that you are faced with on a daily basis.

It is incredibly satisfying to rip things, especially paper. When you make a grocery list on a carefully selected pad of paper, and then rip it off the pad to take with you to the store. How about the feeling you get when you have crossed off every item on the list? How nice to crumple up the paper and toss it into a trash bin. With the Pros and Cons Notepad, you can take pride in your ability to carefully weigh the odds in your quest of decision-making. When the choice has been made, you can rip the pages from the pad, crumple them up, and toss them away. For a fleeting moment you may experience peace before the next question arises.