Thor Mug

Thor Mug
$23.95 on Amazon
A mug fit for Valhalla feasts!
For those who have slain mighty beasts,
or those who just want tea or coffee,
it's good for all drinks, flat or frothy.
The might of Mjolnir can't withstand
the strength of this great mug in hand.
Have a sip and you'll want more!
This quenches thirsts to rival Thor's!

This ceramic Thor mug packs a mighty punch. It is made from ceramic and holds up to 15 ounces of liquid. For a handle, hold on to Thor's legendary hammer.

A User Review For You: "Quality graphics on this mug. The handle is sweet. Decent sized. Really happy to find a nice Thor mug. Kind of hard to find Thor stuff. Received a product catalog with my mug. Found other cool Thor stuff in the cat. Pretty happy mug owner."