LED Drumsticks

LED Drumsticks
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If you've ever wished you could add an extra element of style and flare to your drumming, your wish was just granted. Forget boring drumsticks that no one can see, especially if you're trapped in a drum cage to minimize the amount of sound that gets out during a concert. Now, you can add a bright flash that will draw attention to you, showing off all those cool stick tricks that you've spent so much time perfecting.

These LED Drumsticks are the perfect addition to any concert. They light up in your brilliant choice of seven vibrant colors, shining through the darkness and letting everyone in the audience see every move of your hands with startling clarity.

These LED Drumsticks do take some pressure to light up, so they're best suited for a drummer who is really rocking out. These aren't drumsticks for a polite, quiet concert. Rather, they're for a drummer who is going to get his sound out there and make sure that everyone hears it.

The drummer is the heartbeat of the band--the one person that everyone else needs to be able to hear in order to keep them together. All too often, however, drummers get the short end of the stick. They're tucked in the back of the stage, hidden in a drum cage, and given none of the attention that they deserve. Instead, why not make yourself part of the show? Your fellow band members will find themselves stopping and staring in awe when they're able to see what you do when the music really moves you for the first time in years.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: I really like the concept, but how long do they last? Should I have a couple of extra pairs on hand?

A: Some reviewers have suggested that the LED Drumsticks might not be as hardy as they need to be to stand up to multiple concerts. If you're worried that you might be a little rough with them or plan for them to be integral part of the show, you might want to have two or three pairs on hand just in case.

Q: What if I don't want to show off in concert? I like having my hands hidden so no one can see when I drop my sticks.

A: If you're worried about your hands being seen, these might not be the drumsticks for you. The bright light will show every fumble or problem with more clarity than you'd like. Thankfully, drummers are still usually tucked to the back of the stage, so you might managed to go unnoticed as long as you cover it up well. Remember, it's your confidence that's so cool!

Q: Will these light-up drumsticks instantly up my cool factor?

A: Absolutely. Being a drummer is cool enough. Being a drummer whose sticks light up will have your fans jumping up and down with excitement. You'll become their favorite part of the show! Who could ask for more? Disclaimer: these drumsticks will not make up for an inability to keep a beat or magically transform you into the best drummer who ever lived. If you're already pretty cool, however, these drumsticks will help take it to the next level.