Bloody Dexter Coasters

Bloody Dexter Coasters
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Bloody Dexter coasters are a set of coasters that you do not want to miss out on. They are trendy, classy, fun and more importantly, they are made in such a way that they perform their function perfectly. All fans of Dexter are running to get this latest product that is an officially licensed Dexter collectible.

They are a set of 6 coasters made of glass with different patterns of iconic blood splutters just like those from the TV show, Dexter, in which he collects mementos of his glorious kills. To make this even more interesting, the set of six coasters come in a beautiful wooden treasure box, just like the one in the TV show complete with the engraved Dexter logo. This, you will want to display and show off to your guests.

You should consider showing your visitors that you’re a civilized person who doesn't put glistening glasses on bare wooden tables. Make your visitors analyze the blood spatters as they enjoy their drink just like Dexter. The Dexter coasters are mysterious mats that will surprise your guests’ immediately as they check into your house. The gory blood splattered coasters will definitely add some interest to your evening by heightening the theme of the dinner party. Imagine sipping from a glass of red juice that is put on blood splattered coaster.

As a Dexter fan, you should buy a set of the six coasters that have been splattered with blood stains that look realistic. Moreover, the fact that they are made of quality glass makes the coasters even more irresistible. Actually, it can take a second glance for most people to make out what it is whenever they come to your home. All you’ll do is place a drink on top of the Dexter coasters in order to prevent any actual stains or spillages and dramatically act like you’re hiding the evidence of your latest victim.

Just like Dexter, don’t allow any truth to slip and hence the need for the rubber feet in each coaster. Your drinks won’t slide around because the Dexter coasters won’t be sliding off all over the table during the dinner party. The rubber feet on each of the Dexter coaster are also important in preventing any scratches on your beautiful coffee tables and making cleaning easier.

In addition, the premium Dexter coasters come with stylish wooden box which you’ll be proud of displaying in your house. The guys at Popcultcha who design the Dexter coasters have beautifully inscribed the box and hence made the Dexter coasters and the box a novelty item. The box is designed in such a manner that it resembles the trophy box where Dexter stores his collection of slides. Meaning, you can also own your trophy box similar to the mementos that Dexter collects and stores in his trophy box to remind himself of every superb kill. Fans of the TV show throughout the worldhave something that connects them with the show in these bloody Dexter coasters. A Dexter fan should never allow any other kind of spatters in his or her house besides the blood splatter patterns on the bloody Dexter coasters.