Light Bulb & Ceiling Fan Shaped Chains

Light Bulb & Ceiling Fan Shaped Chains
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There's nothing worse than fumbling around trying to turn on your ceiling fan in the dark, only to grab the chain for the light instead: a blinding flash that leaves you disoriented as you hurriedly reach to turn it off again. Worse is looking for the light chain in the dark, especially if you're in a hurry, and pulling the chain for the fan instead. In some cases, it's impossible to tell the difference between the chain for the light and the chain for the fan. Some models come with a shorter light chain, since it's used less frequently; others have little to no difference between the two.

If you've moved recently, it could be even worse. The fans are unfamiliar. Their chains may have been replaced by previous owners. You have no idea which chain is which, and every time you reach up, you find yourself pulling on the wrong one. It's enough to make you want to pull out!

Thankfully, the solution to your problem is at hand. These Light Bulb and Ceiling Fan Shaped Chains are the perfect solution to your desperate fumble to pull the correct chain. Simply attach them to the end of an existing chain, using them to display the effect that will be achieved by tugging on each chain. Whether you're standing below your fan in broad daylight or trying to figure it out in the dark, you'll always be sure that you're pulling on the correct chain--a definite plus whether you're in a hurry, your hands are full, or you're simply tired of feeling as though you always grab the wrong chain.

Even better, these chains are the perfect ingredients for a prank on a drunken roommate, an out of town friend, or anyone else that you'd like to annoy. Instead of attaching the chains to their corresponding chain on the fan, attach them to the opposite chain: the light bulb to the chain that controls the fan and the fan to to the chain that controls the light. Your unsuspecting friend will get it wrong every time. This is particularly enjoyable with infrequent visitors, who will likely fail to get it right before they return to their own homes.

Feel like taking it a step further with someone who is in your home on a regular basis? Wait until your roommate has become accustomed to pulling the opposite chain, then swap them when they aren't home. You'll be able to continue this prank for quite some time--or at least until your roommate gets irritated with the whole thing. Just remember that you're not immune to to the effects of your own prank, and be ready to laugh at yourself!

Whether you're looking for an easy way to identify which chain you're pulling or hoping to prank a friend, these Light Bulb and Ceiling Fan Shaped Chains are the perfect addition to your fan. They're small enough to be cute, but big enough to add some extra length to your chains--a great bonus for short people!--and be easily identifiable either in daylight or in the dark. These chains are the perfect addition to any home's decor.